~ Where will you deliver to? ~
While I will deliver your boat to any port worldwide, I specialize in deliveries to ports along the East and Gulf Coasts of the US, the Great Lakes, Canada, Bermuda, Bahamas, and Caribbean.

~ Who will actually do the delivery? ~
I will...
I do not run a yacht delivery clearing house nor do I have numerous delivery captains "on staff". I do not broker out deliveries to the lowest bidder; I personally deliver all vessels myself.

~ What route will you use? ~
It varies...
Factors such as the destination, type of vessel, prevailing weather patterns, the time of year, and the owners preferences are all considered. Often we will tailor a route to allow the vessel owner to join or disembark the delivery at a port of their choice. In all cases, deliveries are made using a route which will result in the shortest possible delivery time consistent with safety.

~ What kind of experience do you have? ~
I am an experienced professional with many years of sea time. My background includes military, commercial, charter, and private vessel operations. These include ships, tugs, supply boats, pilot boats, charter boats, and private yachts.

~ Are you qualified to deliver my boat? ~
I hold a current U.S. Coast Guard Masters License with appropriate STCW qualifications and current U.S. Coast Guard Documentation for service on vessels of unlimited tonnage on any oceans. Specifically, I have training in Basic and Advanced Shipboard Firefighting, Shipboard Damage Control, Salvage, Unlimited Radar, AB Any Waters Unlimited with AB Sail Endorsement, FCC Marine Radio Operator’s License, Commercial Towing, and I am in full compliance with US Coast Guard regulations requiring drug testing.

~ As the owner, can I come along? ~
You are always welcome to come along. For the new owner especially, what better time to learn your vessel's capabilities and sharpen your own skills. The route can also be tailored to allow the you to join or depart the vessel at a port of your choosing. Depending on the anticipated route and how much you want to involve yourself in the delivery, we may adjust the required number of crew.

~ Does the boat need to be insured? ~
Most owners already carry insurance on their boats, so this is typically not an issue, but Insurance is required. Many marine insurance company's already have provisions for licensed professional delivery crews in their policies, but a check with your agent can clarify this for you. A copy of your policy showing effective dates, boat identification, and the P&I section showing coverage for the delivery is required to be onboard prior to departure.

~ Does my boat need to be ready for the delivery? ~
Your boat should be seaworthy and well maintained. On arrival, we will do a complete inspection of your boat and report our findings to you.  Beyond the obvious USCG safety equipment and vessel spares, your boat should be properly equipped for the route intended. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding required equipment.

~ Do you deliver power or sail?~
I am USCG licensed to deliver both power and sailing vessels. These vessels may be new construction for builders and dealerships, or they may be seasoned vessels for brokerage firms or the private owner.

~ How much does it cost? ~
It Varies...
There are a number of factors to consider such as the route to be covered and crew requirements of the vessel, but our prices start as low as $225.00 per day plus expenses. Typically expenses include transportation / travel of crew and necessary vessel expenses such as fuel and transit fees when required. Please note: In most cases, provisioning / meals are included in the daily rate.

~ What can I expect for my money? ~
Here is what you can expect:
  • A Professional crew including a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master.
  • We handle all arrangements required for crew travel.
  • A pre-departure inspection of the vessel and its systems.
  • Provision the vessel for the delivery, fill all fuel and water tanks, and secure all loose equipment for sea.
  • Provide all navigational charts and pilots for you if they are not already on board.
  • Provide all navigation equipment and instruments.
  • Complete all relevant customs and immigration paperwork for vessels going foreign.
  • Provide the owner with a position and progress report daily where communications capability exists.
  • Maintain a log of the voyage for your records.
  • Keep an accurate accounting and provide receipts that detail all expenses incurred during the delivery.
  • Your yacht or boat delivered to its port of destination clean and ready for you to use.
  • Professionalism, Experience, and Safety

~ How is payment made? ~
In order to schedule a delivery; a deposit equal to 50% of the estimated delivery fee plus 100% of estimated delivery expenses is required. (In lieu of prepaying the delivery expenses, most owners prefer providing a credit card for use during the delivery.) Balance of the delivery cost is due on vessel arrival at the Port of Destination. It is common practice that the owner or the owner’s agent meet the vessel on arrival to make final payment. Other arrangements can be made for final payment by contacting our office. An accurate accounting of all costs including receipts will be provided.

~ Travel time, mechanical delays, and weather delays? ~
Travel time, when billed, is at a discounted daily rate. Mechanical delays are treated on a case by case basis. The crew will make repairs enroute where we have the tools and capabilities to do so at no additional charge. In the event of a major systems failure or repairs requiring parts and equipment not available to us, we will proceed to the nearest port and contact you for approval before any repair work is started. Generally speaking there are no charges for short delays. As for weather delays, in many cases an alternate route is available to us to avoid the worst of most weather situations. We do not charge for short delays. However, in the case of a major weather system or zero visibility, which allows us no choice but to remain at the dock or at anchor for a protracted period of time, we charge a discounted daily rate.

~ I am a broker, builder, or dealer. Can you help? ~
Give us a call... Providing solutions for your yacht delivery and boat delivery requirements is what we do best.