A United States Coast Guard licensed Master and Able Bodied Seaman for over 30 years (Any Waters - Unlimited & AB Sail Endorsement) with over 150,000 nautical miles of accident free operations.


A diverse background that includes charter, corporate, and private yachts, yacht delivery, tall ships, commercial, and military vessel operations.


At Offshore Marine, safety is not a "marketing term." It is not bandied about lightly just to make you, the yacht owner, feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Safety is always priority 1.


Offshore Marine prides itself in the flexibility required to meet your needs. Whether you have time requirements, a preference in routes, or the desire to embark or disembark in ports of your choice along the way.


Offshore Marine’s offices are located in Southern New Jersey just outside of Atlantic City. This area is considered by many to be the heart of the U.S. boat building industry since it is home to many of the world’s best known yacht builders including: Egg Harbor, Ocean Yachts, Post Yachts, Silverton Marine, Viking Yachts, and Yank Marine, to name a few.

Our transportation services are also well above average with an international airport and its attendant ground transportation services and major rail connections available.

And all of this within 30 minutes driving time of our offices.

Customer Satisfaction

To provide you with reliability, outstanding service, professionalism, and an on time / on budget yacht delivery service where the safety of your yacht or boat is never an afterthought.

A few past yacht deliveries

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